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Posted on: August 6, 2017

According to Rev. Fr. John Odey “Blessed are those who grumble in the safety of their homes but cannot voice out publicly against a leadership that has entirely proved to be a curse on the people for nobody will disturb them and they will have peace- peace of graveyard.“  We in Nigeria have allowed evil to soar to high heavens. And like my husband Chief Dr Nnamdi Olebara says “when evil reaches its ceiling, it nose-dives“..Nigerians demand that the stinking stable on the past be evacuated into an abyss, the stable of corruption, mis-governance, insincerity, looting, intimidations and killings. Nigerians say enough is enough. A change of heart and mind are sued for among our present rulers. He that is down, they say fears no fall. The common man is already down, his only choice is to rise and secure his freedom and future of his children. Since justice cannot be given to us, let’s take it by every means. By so doing, we can in our life time entrench democracy as a means of service to the citizens, determining their needs and aspirations. This is my own definition of dividends of democracy. Good Morning and have a glorious Sunday.


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