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Posted on: August 8, 2017

Dear Lord, My generation is morally burdened, insensitive and soulless. We know that tribunal of heaven is already sitting in judgement for unbundled and unmitigated hard heartedness, pretence, thievery and extinguishing the ordinaries. Your children are today doing heinous things and proudly handing over the culture of criminality,wickedness and  shamelessness to our children. My generation is losing all forms of godliness. We hail crimes and criminals. We are silenced with offers of peanuts. Majority live lives of lies and deceit. Every Sunday and Friday, they rush to their various churches and Mosques to show off in flamboyant dresses and cars but the  living spirit doesn’t dwell in them. We worship God Almighty with our lips and his purity, piety, righteousness are not sown in our hearts. Your loving children are only desperate for the things of the world, fame, riches, wealth, political position and don’t do what the rule imputes. Favoritism, discrimination, greed, high-handedness, disunity, religious hatred and misunderstanding, ignorance, nepotism, Illiteracy, hunger and diseases are the only landmarks of our lives. Your children are perpetually groaning, embarrassingly tracked, wondering and gallivanting aimlessly without proper nurturing and guidance. Our Most Gracious Father, we need your intervention as no one but you alone can save us.  Come to our rescue, I  earnestly pray this morning, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, Amen.


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