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Posted on: August 24, 2017

Our lives and environment we live and work in, are full of stresses and pressures. Some we create ourselves, others we cannot control. This results in our being awake, thinking when we should be sleeping. In our endless competitive world, stress is equated with anxiety, worrisome thoughts and emotions. Unresolved conflicts, excessive drinking and allowing negative thoughts fill your mind can be stressful. What should be our response to them?. Commit suicide? God forbids!!! I read with tears that a mother of three, took her life because of the economic situation. Is it Justified? She has offended God and humanity because it is against God’s  commandment. God may be using that situation to test her faith and patience. Let’s put our trust in God in all situations and bear the number of children we can cater for.
Relaxation is so important in our lives as it helps to bring our stress levels down and  consequently improves our health. Relaxation is the key when it comes to stress relief therapy. Not being able to relax and unwind can be damaging to our health. A vital part of life is finding time for ourselves.
Music is a great way of helping us to relax, relieve tension and anxiety. Listen to the music that soothes and uplifts and dance it. Develop a consistent exercise  routine in and around the home for strength and vitality. When last did you play ludo, whot and draft with your wife? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. What is life without fun? Spend quality time with friends and loved ones to ease tension.
Laughter even deliberately induced one helps. Get enough sleep because it is essential in calming our bodies, eight hours of sound sleep. When tired, you need a rest… Good Morning and have a stress free week.


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