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Posted on: September 6, 2017

Today’s problems are so acute because tragic and purposeful evasions and defaults of several years have accumulated to disaster proportions. The masses are crying bitterly and God’s ears are wide open listening to the cries, anguish and  tribulations of His people. Our leaders should realize that the life of the common man is fast becoming bestial and confidence eroding. They  are impoverished to the point of not affording rags to wipe dry their tears. All successive leadership preached patriotism but it is observed more by self-serving lip service evidenced by its predatory greed than by example. Patriotism must be encouraged until Nigeria is set from the siege of bad governance through committed and inspirational leaders. Extravagance and  looting have become fashionable among public office holders. Their sacrilegious sermon is due process,rule of law, accountability and probity. Why have we allowed evil to ravage our polity unchallenged? Their belief is that Nigerians can make all the noise, who will try them? Is it our judiciary? Let me not go far. In Nigeria, there is enough for everybody’s need but certainly not enough for everybody’s greed. Corruption has continued to make futile every developmental plan in this country. The rich keeps getting richer and poor, poorer. Corruption in high places by sacred cows. They are telling us that Nigeria is out of recession. How can Nigeria be out of recession when food is not affordable to the poor masses and standard of living fallen to the lowest ebb? When salaries that are redundant are not paid as at when due and Pensioners not paid. When cost of governance is still high and our lawmakers still collecting their provocative allowances and remuneration. We are yet to get there. Good Morning and Happy Midweek.


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