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Posted on: September 7, 2017

HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THIS AGONY LAST? THE BIBLE SAYS, WHEN THE RIGHTEOUS RULE, THE PEOPLE REJOICE. ARE OUR LEADERS RIGHTEOUS? THE ANSWER IS CLEARLY IN WHETHER NIGERIANS ARE TODAY CRYING OR REJOICING. How can we rejoice when we see criminal wastage of the country’s resources on white elephant projects, unrealistic projections, nepotism and unintelligent pursuits of selfish interests. The landmarks of our lives are favoritism, discrimination, greed, high-handedness, disunity, religious hatred, misunderstanding, illiteracy and ignorance. We in Nigeria have allowed evil to soar to high heavens. We hail crimes and are easily silenced with offers of peanuts…WHEN IS A NATION FAILED OR FAILING? THE BAROMETER FOR MEASURING IT IS EASILY READABLE. THE READINGS INCLUDE SYSTEM FAILURE, INSECURITY, CORRUPTION, ANTI DEMOCRATIC TENDENCIES LIKE LACK OF RESPECT FOR RULE OF LAW, FRAUDULENT ELECTORAL PRACTICES, INFRASTRUCTURAL DECAY, ECONOMIC DECLINE, LOW QUALITY OF EDUCATION, ABSENCE OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ASSOCIATION ETC…(To be continued ) Good Morning and Remain Strong in the Lord.


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