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Posted on: September 8, 2017

Part2, Understanding brings about projection while discovery leads to recovery. What is your purpose on earth? Why were you born in Nigeria? Mind the company you keep. Keep the company of motivators and mind-blowers and  not the company of diminishers and mindless, idle critics. Connect to the right association. You are not here by accident. God created you for a purpose. All eyes are on you to exhibit. He is waiting for you to use what He deposited in you to be who He wants you to be. He is not the God of abandoned project. Don’t keep Him waiting. You are God’s project. Ask Him for direction. Go immediately and re-charge your spirit. Say it loud to yourself, “I WILL SUCCEED“ Even if you fail, TRY AGAIN. Don’t be cowed down by any threat or attack. God will see you through. Good morning and have a great weekend.


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