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Posted on: September 20, 2017

I heard with one ear that my country’s debt profile has risen to 7trillion within the past two years. Lending and Borrowing are two critical issues. Lending is as risky as borrowing. They are two congruents. On Shakespear’s Hamlet, he warned, never a lender or borrower be, for both lending and borrowing destroy friendship. When contractual terms fail, when the borrower instead of paying back comes up with excuses or deferment, then trouble sets in and like the Igbos say “Onu ejiri biri aku abughi onu eji akwu ya” Text messages start coming in both directions, warnings and threats ensure and friendship begins to turn sour. The borrower who agrees to any condition given by the lender becomes more frustrated and starts losing esteem and moral. To be a lender, one has to be a shylock with a heart of steel and unbending character. Nigeria has borrowed enough. Let’s stop mortgaging the future of our children and those in the womb of time. Even though Obj is not a saint, he brought us out of the Paris Club and asked us to sin no more. But look at where we have found ourselves today. And I ask, to what extent has the money borrowed reflected in the lives of ordinary Nigerians because we are still battling with Power, poor infrastructures and people dying of hunger. What is your take?


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