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Posted on: September 30, 2017

Part7, ACTIVATING TRUST IN OUR COUNTRY. We can develop faith by doing the right thing and in turn getting justice and fair-play from our country. Patriotism simply means love and  vigorous support for one’s country. If there is brotherly love and a great majority of Nigerians practise them, friendship, truth and honesty, our country will not be in its very state of decadence. Love is necessary in our country because where there is love, Nma says, there will be no ill-will, no cheating, no stealing, no nepotism, tribalism or war. Where there is love, there will be peace and development. Our individual strength could help our country to be great if we implore the same strength we use in our individual pursuits in matters of national interest as well as bringing our individual strengths and talents for the good and upliftment of our fatherland. Government should in like manner inculcate patriotism and  nationalism, foster love of humanity, respect for human rights and appreciation of the roles of our heroes past. We are yet to attain the economic Independence they laboured for. The unity and peace are yet to  be realized. The pertinent question Nma is asking is, “Are we ready to labour for our country as our past heroes did?” We can become heroes ourselves from their lives through hard work, honesty, dedication, patriotism and striving to be the best in our chosen fields…Thank God for bringing us safely to the end of September.


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