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Posted on: October 4, 2017

Tomorrow, 5th October is World Teachers Day, a day set aside by UNESCO since 1994 to celebrate teachers and the central role we play through the long-life learning process. Teachers are recognized for our contributions to society, the unique role we play in providing quality education at all levels. It aims to mobilize support and highlight the commitment and services we render for nation building. What we learn from our teachers remain with us for life. Teachers Day is set for honoring teachers  and  recognize the lasting contributions we make in your lives. But unfortunately, people fail to show appreciation and gratitude for our selfless devotion. Honestly, teachers need encouragement and support from both individuals and government to feel that our efforts are being recognized. That is why the day is set aside yearly to thank us for providing invaluable guidance to our children. To be continued . Good Morning and start thinking of how to appreciate us tomorrow for the wonderful work we are doing in your lives. I thank God that I am a teacher. “If you can write your name, thank your teacher”


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